Holiday Campaign Donors

Below are list of donors to this year’s Orlando Sentinel Family Fund’s Holiday Campaign.
Updated: 1/10/14

Advanced Behavioral Health Center
Alan and Sharon Jacob
Alexis And Kyle
Allan and Beverly Hartley
Anthea Turner
Ashley Vermillion
Bob Tavelli
Brandon and Melissa Marquez
C and E Skogsberg
Cary and Kay Bass
Charles And Marilyn Curley in memory of Charles and Mary Jane Stull
Dan Diane Zanarini
David Molchos, in loving memory of Frances Molchos
Dawn Lyn Dorene And Joy
Dennis and Joan Blay
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Abufaris
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kravets
Dr. Michelle Backel
Ellen Castle
Elliot And Phoebe Rosewater
Fay Gordin
Financial Harvest, LLC
Gene And Sandy Wasielewski
George Anastase
Glenn Dial
Greg and Elizabeth Webb
Jeannie Jim And Jack Clarke in memory of Andrew R. Vankleunen and Baby Duncan M. Clarke
Jere and Jane Batten
Jerry and Joan Sihle
Jerry And Judy Curci
Jim And Lila Driscoll
Jim Lory FSU '88 Go 'Noles!
Ken And Carroll Fish in memory of Tisha McKenna
Kevin and Cissy Coleman
Les Noell in honor of Cora Lee Coleman Noell
Little Creek Farm
Lochrane Engineering Inc Employees
Lochrane Engineering, Inc.
Maralie Wilson Cheryl Robinson
Martha and John Hartgering
Martha Lawrence
Mary And Al Sciuto
Mary Beth in memory of David A. Halsted
Maxwell Lightning Protction of Florida Co.
Mike Lynch
Molly and Mason Greer
Mr And Mrs Charles W George
Mr And Mrs Dennis Murray
Mr And Mrs Neal Alford Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Clayman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Palumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sturla
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Potopas
Mr. and Mrs. David Jones in honor of Linda and Mike Perez
Mr. and Mrs. David Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Dinesh Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Clement in memory of Mary Crapia
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gallagher in memory of Vincent, Ed and Eileen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Levanduski in memory of Mrs. Annerose Kolender
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James Bomar in memory of Mama Loy, Jim, Bope and Jo Jo
Mr. and Mrs. James Oles
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. John Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. John Buzzell
Mr. and Mrs. John Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John Monakey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Upperco
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glickstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. Niel Napolitano
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kennedy in memory of JT amd JT
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Merbach
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gelabert
Mr. and Mrs. Regis Simasek
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Belk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strunc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert White
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Soucy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sherer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Drisgill
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dern
Mr. and Mrs. Tom King
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Harris in memory of Wladzia Harris
Mr. Andrew F. McGuffin
Mr. Cameron Hutson
Mr. Gerald Krannebitter
Mr. Harold Dunlap
Mr. Joe Quigley
Mr. John McGuire
Mr. John Tobin
Mr. Maurice Harp in memory of Sandy Hook Victims
Mr. Michael Desbles
Mr. Raymond Patton
Mr. Ted Daly
Mr. Thomas Elam
Mr. Virgil Frederick
Mrs. Debey Von in memory of eric G. Von
Mrs. Linda Coulter in memory of Terrence Coulter
Mrs. Patricia A. Bowman
Mrs. Patricia J. Mallamas in memory of Bob Mallamas
Ms. Ann Peacock
Ms. Anna McCarthy in memory of Mary Bartlinski
Ms. Cynthia Collins
Ms. Cynthia Naples
Ms. Deborah Breiter
Ms. Dottie Holbrook
Ms. F. Elizabeth Kingrey
Ms. Gynelle Rast
Ms. Joan Budzynski
Ms. Katherine Gray
Ms. Kathy Hiortdahl
Ms. Lauren Buckner
Ms. Lois Godbold in memory of Wayne, Mr. Kat, Charlie and Sam
Ms. Lucie Winborne
Ms. Mary Ann Gravel
Ms. Nancy Malone in memory of Spencer A. Dukes
Ms. Patricia Lawrenson in memory of Paul Anthony Lawrenson
Ms. Patricia Patton
Ms. Ruth Almeida in honor of Lisa Almeida - Freedom Boat Club
Ms. Sandy Cox in memory of Pat Cox
Ms. Sharon Braungart in honor of Father Richard Walsh, St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
Ms. Tokuko Brown
Ms. Winnie Nofsinger
Nancy And Bill Greenlee
Nancy and Craig Janisz
Nancy And Dale Bellows
Nancy Winter
Pete and Connie Theis
Premiere Show Group
Ray Bishop
Richard and Susan Ellenburg
Richard And Virginia Marvin
Rick And Jan Gabhart
Roberte Francis in memory Emmie Lou Love
Ron And Diana Marini
Ron Lynch
Sandra M. Hults
Sheri and Mark Dixon
Stephanie and Jim Philips
Susan Hamilton in memory of Finley Hamilton
Susie And Bil Click
Tamma McDonough Merritt in memory of Finley Hamilton
The Angulo Family
The Brenner Family
The Brodfuhrer Family in honor of the Brodfuhrer Family
The Fadeley Family
The Goldey Family inhonor of Paula and Buddy Eidel
The Griffeys
The Koons Family
Tracey and Eric Kron
Tuscawilla Transription Service
V. V. Mostley
Victor H. Westhall in memory of Harold and Christine Westhall
Wt And Betty Booker

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