Holiday Campaign Donors

Below are list of donors to this year’s Orlando Sentinel Family Fund’s Holiday Campaign.
Updated: 12/03/14

Dr. Joe and Sue Warren
In Memory Of Russell Kitner
In Memory Of Isabel Faura
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Batten in honor of Jesus Christ
Larry and Sue Bennett
Tailwheel Holding Co.
Jim And Joyce Walworth
Rick and Betty in honor of active military
In Honor Of Gavin Allan Teixeria
In Memory Of Jack Waddell
Knights Of Columbus 5958
Driving Straight For Charity
Dennis and Joan Blay
Dr. Melvin and Judith Cohen
Steve and Tippy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William Greenlee
Pat and Ray Hentze
The Hodil Family
Mr. Leonard Koke
Jay and Susan Landt
Ms. Irene Manning
Marc and Henrietta Katzen
Rod and Pam Baker
Loving Memory Of Dennis And Shari
In Memory Of Juanita and John Stockment
Bob and Patti Howard
In Honor Of Nancy Mackey
In Honor Of Krysia
Kathy and Terry Bradshaw
Clem Family
Alan and Susan Davis
The Kent Mitchell Family
Tagg and Silkia Bowman in honor of U.S. Veterans
Robert and Melissa Carney
Charline and Jack Kennedy
Bob Shaw in memory of Katie Doyle
Wii Bowling League
Donald and Alison Bernard
Maxwell Lightning Protection of FL Co
Andy and Stacey Beu
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Bernard
Kevin and Lygia Colton
Dr Clifford and Ann Dubbin
The Tibbits Family
The Wade Family
Orlando Steeler Gang
Ed and Judy Corn
Hosley Family
Grace and Phil Hampton
Mr. Perry Woodruff
Tib and Patty Gunsallus
Leal Family
Mark and Sharon Ninno
Holly Porter-Fair in memory of Larry Fair
Mr. and Mrs. William Grier Silverbach
Connie Stanley
Adam Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd
Pat and Jerry Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Germann
Rae Helen And Susan Bennett
Mr. Peter E. Harrigan
Al and Nancy Hobbs
Ms. Nancy Jerome
Ms. Mary Anne Lory
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Munson
In honor of Bill and Daniel
Mrs. Debey Von
Mary Lynn and Ross Williams
The Beemer family
Ms. Medra Burdette in memory of Benetta and Al Burdette
David Crane
Ned and Diane Elliott in memory of Lisa Elliot
Dean J Grandin Jr.
The Johnsons
Philip Lehman Family
martine morley
Brian Smith
Eric and Deborah Vangerud in memory of Wendy Lynn McEwen
Ms Kerry Wrisley
Mrs. Helen Avalon
Mb Krolic
Christine Lang
Mr. Robert Crawley
Ms. Danielle Abbott
The Uzel Family
Ms. Cathy Williams in honor of Girl Scouts - Dr. Win Chapter
Mr. Fred Kurras
Joe And Rim Cirillo
Mr. George Seiderer in memory of Mary Seiderer
The Stokes Family
Eryka Jennings
Peter and Judy Zieg
David Abel
Dave and Greta Jones in honor of Dave and Greta Jones
Storey Law Group, P.A.
Judy Clsrk
Helen Miller
Cindy Parrett
Robert and Lorene Wehrly
Qamar Lall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanky in memory of Pat Hanky
A Gathering of Gals!
Paralee Company Inc in honor of Philip Marjason
In Honor Of David Horne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cremers
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gips
Beverly J. Rodewald
In Honor Of of US Military Members
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hunicke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oswald
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Inman
Mrs. Joan Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ponder
Sandy and George Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rollman
Dr. Diane M. Jacobs
Gerard Rogers
Nancy and Dale Bellows
Mr. Mark Bennett in memory of Rae, Helen and Susan Bennett
Ms. Laura Hathaway
Clem and Connie Hyland
Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Meier
Clay and Kim Mitchell
Ms. Monica Petith
Mrs. Evelyn Piercy in honor of Cheryl Piercy
Mr. and Mrs. William Russell in honor of Leah Riley Dryden
Mr. Wayne Starr
Robert and Ann Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Zajac
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Alford
Sommerdorf Family
Kathi Coleman
Ms. Cheryl Smith
Esquire Cleaning Service
Robert Fulmer
Ken and Sharon Gauert
Kelly Lilly in memory of Richard Lilly
Terry and Kathleen McCorvie
John and Anne Sofarelli
In Memory Of Leslie and Alene Bell

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